Academic Qualifications: 

DipHE in engineering by the Institute of Technology of Maximilien Perret in Paris (France); Master in Marketing and Business Management by ESEM in Madrid (Spain).

Coaching certifications:

CPPC - Certified Professional Practitioner Coach and CPCT - Certified Coaching Trainer, by ISPC - International School of Professional Coaching.


Business, Career, Education, Executive, Team, Health, Leadership, Life, Sales, Sport, Youth.

Geographical working area:

Spain, France.

Professional CV:

Consultant in the areas of Organization and Strategies Company's, Marketing and Human Resources; Member of the executive committee to the Managers Association of AICA (Spain) and member of the Industrial & Environmental Health committee of the Managers Confederation and the Commerce Chamber of Madrid's Community; Partner and manager to AfiCoach of Afiassistant.