Coaching Program Description - Coaching III Training 54h (10h + 8h + 36h)
COACHING III - Advanced Coaching

  • CPPC (Certified Professional Practitioner Coach) certified
  •  450h or more of registered coaching sessions (min. 75% paid) by exam day
  • Minimum of 3 active Clients by training dates
  • Attendance of 2 of the following courses*:
    • Public Speaking and Impact Presentations I (16h)
    • Public Speaking and Impact Presentations II (22h)
    • Personal Development and Motivation I (16h)
    • Executive Coaching for Leaders (20h)

Attendance of courses by Exam day.
(exceptionally, attendance of other training courses taken place under a year may be considered)

Addressed to:
  • Coaches
  • Business executives,       
  • Managers, Directors and Senior Managers
  • Consultants
  • Team Managers
  • Teachers, Trainers


Participants will be awarded an international certificate, CPMC-Certified Professional Master Coach (if proven to have more than 250h of coaching experience*), issued by ISPC.

*less than 250h of coaching experience will grant the international certificate CPC – Certified Professional  Coach and a CPMC level in the curriculum part (after reaching 250h of coaching experience a CPMC international certificate will be issued).


Coaching III Course