A definition of coaching

Coaching is a continuous professional Relationship, oriented towards an initially agreed Goal of the Coachee, that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and organizations. This professional relationship takes place in various meetings / sessions, it is essential to respect the agenda of the Coachee, his references, and ensure the confidentiality of the process.

CoachingThrough the coaching process Coachees deepen their self-knowledge, see the desired changes, orienting themselves to  Action, producing a more open learning, improving performance and their quality of life.

At each meeting/session the Coachee chooses a Goal, while the Coach listens and asks questions. This interaction generates reflection, creates clarity and brings him to Action. The Coaching accelerates the desired advance of the Coachee, providing greater awareness and responsibility. The Coach focuses on "where" he is now and "what" is he willing to do to get where he wants to be in the future.


The Coaches that are Certified by ISPC recognize that the results match the intent, the elections and activities of the Coachee, who the Coach supports with his skills in the process of coaching.

The coaching process is fundamentally oriented to Coachee’s Goals and for what he is willing to do to achieve them.