Leader Coach Program - Leader Coach Contents 30h (20h + 2h + 8h)
Mod I - Introduction (4h)
1.1 The challenge of Leadership
1.2 Towards the top
1.3 Success and Leadership
1.4 Key skills
1.5 Leadership vs. Management
1.6 A real Leader is...
1.7 Inspiring Feedback

Communication Dynamics
Mod II - The Philosophy of Coaching (4h)
2.1 What Coaching is
2.2 The Philosophy of Coaching
2.3 Coaching and the Human Being
2.4 Coaching in Organizations

2.5 Coaching and other help activities
2.6 Applying Coaching
2.7 The process of Coaching

Role Model Session
2.8 Obstacles to Coaching
2.9 Why Coaching works
Mod III - Competencies of a Leader Coach (4h)
3.1 Event vs Process
3.2 My Wheel of Life (360° self-diagnosis)

Coaching Session -Team Coaching
3.3 Tolerances
Coaching Session - Role Playing
3.4 Competencies of the Leader Coach and Personal Development
3.5 Model – The 8 habits of Stephen Covey
3.6 Alignment of Values-Believes-Objects at 360°
3.7 Levels of change
3.8 From Vision to Results
3.9 Key Competencies of a Leader Coach
Mod IV - Coaching Methodology (4h)
4.1 Executive Coaching vs Life Coaching
4.2 Executive Coaching Goals
4.3 Coaching and Leadership Styles
4.4 Models of a Coaching Session (GROW and DOING)
4.5 Powerful Questions
4.6 Information provided by Language
4.7 Logical levels
4.8 Models for the definition of Goals (SMART, PURE, CLEAR)

Role Playing - Coaching Session
Mod V - Applying Coaching in the Executive world (4h)
5.1 Executive Wheel of Life
5.2 Diagnosis tools for the Coaching processes

Case Study and Simulations
Additional Work (10h)

Executive Coaching Session (2h)

Autoreflection and Research (8h)