Foundations - Ethics

All ISPC Certified Coaches and Coaching Trainers subscribe totally the ISPC Ethical Code.

ISPC Ethical Code


I- ISPC Coaching Philosophy

 The ISPC (International School of Professional Coaching) is aligned to a form of Coaching that honours the Client (Coachee) as an expert in his life and work and believes that every Coachee is creative, resourceful and constitutes a whole.

According to this foundation a Coach is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the process follows the basic methodology of Coaching;
  • Discover, clarify and align itself with what the customer wants to achieve;
  • Encourage  self-discovery in  the Coachee;
  • Seek solutions and strategies generated  by the Coachee to mirror them;
  • Elect  the  Coachee  as responsible for his actions.

II- ISPC Definition of Coaching

 Coaching is a continuous professional Relationship, oriented towards an initially agreed Goal of the Coachee, that helps people achieve extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and organizations. This professional relationship takes place in various meetings / sessions, it is essential to respect the agenda of the Coachee, his references, and ensure the confidentiality of the process.

 Through the coaching process Coachees deepen their self-knowledge, see the desired changes, orienting themselves to  Action, producing a more open learning, improving performance and their quality of life.

 At each meeting/session the Coachee chooses a Goal, while the Coach listens and asks questions. This interaction generates reflection, creates clarity and brings him to Action. Coaching accelerates the desired advance of the Coachee, providing greater awareness and responsibility. The Coach focuses on "where" the Coachee is now and "what" he is willing to do to get where he wants to be in the future.

 The Coaches who are Certified by ISPC recognize that the results match the intent, the choices and activities of the Coachee, who the Coach supports with his skills in the process of coaching.

 The coaching process is fundamentally oriented to the Coachee’s Goals and what he is willing to do to achieve them.

III- ISPC Professional Ethical Code


 These principles define the professional conduct of the Certified Coaches by ISPC-International School of Professional Coaching.

 This code of conduct is a reference for a behavior based on values, through which the Coach can move freely.

 The Acceptance of this code of conduct is a requirement to be a Certified Coach by the ISPC, International School of Professional Coaching.

 The ISPC will consider complaints that are addressed to the Ethics Committee by any individual or collective person to public or private right.

As a Coach

 1. I will drive myself to reflect positively in the occupation of Coach and avoid developing conducts or making statements that may cause negative impact on public understanding or acceptance of Coaching as a profession.

2. I will not deliberately make false or equivocal statements in any written document that relates to the profession of Coach.

3. I will respect the different approaches to Coaching. I will honor the efforts and contributions of others and vow not to declare them as my own.

4. I will be aware of issues that could potentially cause a misinterpretation of my influence, recognizing the nature of coaching and how that might affect the lives of others.

5. In all the time, I will always strive to recognize the personal issues that may prevent, create conflicts or interfere with my performance as a Coach or with my professional relationships. When the facts and circumstances require it, I shall seek professional assistance and I shall determine the action to take, including, if appropriate, suspendind or ending my coaching relationship.

6. As a Coaching Trainer or Supervisor / Mentor of Coaches or potencial Coaches, I will lead in accordance with ISPC ethical code in all situations of Training and Supervision.
7. I will do my research work with competence, honesty and within recognized scientific standards. My research projects will be developed with the approval or the consent of the involved ones and with an approach that reasonably protects participants from any potential damage. All my research effort will take place within the legal procedures of the country where I’ll operate.

8. I will create, maintain, remove and keep the records of work done with respect to the practice of coaching in such a way that promotes confidentiality.

9. I’ll use the contact information with the Coaches certified by ISPC ( e-mail, phone numbers…) only according to authorization standards.

Professional Conduct with Coachees

10. I will be responsible for establishing clear boundaries, appropriate and culturally sensitive to any physical contact that I might have with my Coachees.

11. I will establish clear agreements with my coachees and I will honor them in the context of professional coaching relationships.

12. I must ensure that, before or during the first meeting / session, my Coachee understands the nature of coaching, the limits of confidentiality agreements and other financial terms of the agreement signed.

13. I will clearly identify my qualifications, certifications and Experience as a Coach.

14. I will not nurture, intentionally, false expectations about what my coachee may receive from the  procedure or from me as Coach.

15. I will not exploit, intentionally, any aspect of the Coach-Coachee relationship  for my personal, professional or economic benefit.

16. I will respect the right of the client to end the process of Coaching at any point of practice. I will be aware of signs that the Coachee no longer benefits from the Coaching process.

17. I will advise my Coachees to seek the services of other professionals when deemed appropriate or necessary.

18. I will use all reasonable means to notify the appropriate authorities in the event that a Coachee proves its intention to endanger his life or the life of others.

Confidentiality / Privacy 

19. I will respect the confidentiality of information transmitted by my Coachee, unless he authorizes it or existing laws or regulations demand it.

20. I will ask permission to my  Coachee before disclosing his name as a Coachee or as a reference, or any other information.

21. I will ask permission to my Coachee before transmitting any information requested by the responsible entity for payment of the Coaching Process (Sponsor).

22. I will maintain this obligation of confidentiality even after the coaching relationship has ended.

Conflicts of Interest

23. I shall avoid conflicts between my interests and the interests of my Coachees.

24. When a conflict of interest appears, real or potential, I shall reveal it openly and talk with my Coachee on how best to solve it.

25. I will only accept the exchange of services, goods or other non-monetary payment when it does not undermine the relationship of coaching.

26. I will respect the copyright on ideas and publications of colleagues and I will only use these materials referring their sources.

Disclosure of information

27. With my communication and publicity of coaching, I will promote the profession and the public acceptance of professional coaching.

28. I am abstaining from using unfair and deceptive advertising. I present my qualifications honestly and properly according to my experience and qualifications. The content of my disclosure by various means is based on my current level of certification.

29. I present my true qualifications according to my experience and certifications.

30. The content of my disclosure by various means is based on my current level of certification.

IV-Commitment to  ISPC Ethical Code

As a Certified Professional Coach by ISPC I accept and honor my ethical obligations towards my Coachees, Colleagues and the Public in general.

I commit myself with this Ethical Code in order to treat people with dignity as equal and independent human beings and to implement these patterns with my Coachees.

If I miss this Ethical Commitment or any part thereof, I accept that the ISPC is the sole authority to make me responsible for these facts. I also accept my responsibility towards ISPC if a lack of this commitment becomes a suspension or a loss of my certifications obtained in the ISPC. 

I declare that I have read and accepted this document to the ISPC Ethical Code and can not in any circumstance claim ignorance of it. 


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