Trainers Program - Coaching Training  96h (50h + 6h + 40h)
Coaching trainer


The Coaching Trainer Program aims at the development of a body of competencies that will help to convey all levels of Coaching.

The Personal Development process plays a vital role during this course, acting as a basis for the Trainer to integrate all the evolution processes and all the resulting changes, establishing a balance between the conveyed teachings and the human relationship that enables this learning process.

Addressed to

  • Coaches
  • Consultants/Trainers       
  • Directors and Senior management
  • Psychologists
  • Others


  • Higher education;
  • International Certification in Coaching (min.70h);
  • Experience as Coach;
  • 27 years old or more;
  • Proven teaching experience in the behavioral field;
  • Preference to Teaching Aptitude Certificate holders;
  • Interview for profile, expectations and interests determination.


  • To understand the importance of Personal Development in Coaches Training.
  • To develop communicative abilities (Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Intuitive).
  • To master the main training techniques used in Coaching.
  • To master all aspects of the Organization and of the supporting means in Coaching Training activities.
  • To experience and practice real Coaching situations within the Coaching training (with the help of autoscopy).



  • Participants will be awarded an International Certificate, CPCT-Certified Professional Coaching Trainer (if proven to have more than 150h of coaching training experiance*) issued by ISPC.

*Less than 150h of coaching Training experiance will grant the Internactonal certified CCT-Certified Coaching Training and a CPCT level in the curriculum part 


(After reaching 150h of Coaching Training experiance a CPCT International certificate will be issued).




   Coaching Trainer