Coaching Program Contents - COACHING III Advanced Coaching 54h (10h + 8h + 36h)
Mod I - Advanced Coaching Techniques and Tools (3h)
1.1 Concentration and quality presence
1.2 Deep Listening
1.3 Coaching for teams
Mod II - Development of Coach's Competencies (4h)

2.1 Managing Emotions
2.2 Following Intuition
2.3 Deep Questions
2.4 Ethics and Confidentiality



Mod III - Dynamizing my Coaching business (3h)

3.1 Communicating Coaching
3.2 Personal organization and time management
3.3 Internet presence and advertising
3.4 Participating in the Coaches Community
Mod Iv - mentoring (8h)

Four individual sessions, each one lasting two hours, where the Student is supervised by a professional Mentor, aiming at preparing for Certified Professional Master Coach Exam.
AdDitional work (36h)